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My first class was daunting to say the least as I stood looking at the whiteboard listening to Coach Sam talk in what seemed like a different language! The terminology baffled me and I was wondering what I’d got myself into!! I remember looking at the girl next to me and saying “I’m new and I’ve no idea what he just said” and she said “don’t worry, I’ll look after you” and I instantly felt relaxed.
Since then, I can’t get enough!! I’m doing 5-6 sessions each week and don’t think I’ll ever tire of the buzz.
I have surprised not only myself, but those who know me well are also surprised at my passion for Crossfit. I’m capable of things I never imagined and I aim to get stronger and better as time goes by.
I leave Strong 101 after each session pouring with sweat, breathless, usually with sore hands and covered in chalk …but I keep coming back for more nonetheless!

Kate S

I’ve lost over 110 pounds so far and it’s changed my life. Your coaches have given me the tools, motivation, and the support I needed to become the person that I am today. The staff is great! It’s like a 2nd family.

Jo Goodwin

This is a welcoming place. I'm new to crossfit and the trainers work with you at your level. I'm 35 and I see all ages at this gym.

Wilbert Day

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