happy customers


Here is what some of our members have to say.

Kate S

My first class was daunting to say the least as I stood looking at the whiteboard listening to Coach Sam talk in what seemed like a different language! The terminology baffled me and I was wondering what I’d got myself into!! I remember looking at the girl next to me and saying “I’m new and I’ve no idea what he just said” and she said “don’t worry, I’ll look after you” and I instantly felt relaxed.

Since then, I can’t get enough!! I’m doing 5-6 sessions each week and don’t think I’ll ever tire of the buzz.

I have surprised not only myself, but those who know me well are also surprised at my passion for Crossfit. I’m capable of things I never imagined and I aim to get stronger and better as time goes by.

I leave Strong 101 after each session pouring with sweat, breathless, usually with sore hands and covered in chalk …but I keep coming back for more nonetheless!

Mark S

Absolutely love this place, CrossFit Pontefract is best thing I have ever joined, top coaches, top people, great support and spirit, I push my self every time to the limit and look forward to every session, you have to try it !!!!!

Millye S

This place pushes me above and beyond my limits…it’s a training environment that is designed to unleash the beast within! Progress is steady as there is so much to learn but when you see the small differences that eventually give you huge confidence…you keep motivated to persevere. The coaches Gaz, Wayne, Sam, Marie and Ellie are always on hand to train you hard, share their knowledge and keep you safe.
Most of all it’s the fabulous people that slug it out with you…the gym vibe and support is amazing!!

Luke G

Crossfit Pontefract – The place that got me ready for my first Iron Man. Truly awesome place, full of amazing people, long may it continue. Thanks to Gaz Firm and everyone for your help and encouragement.

Donna J

Absolutely buzzing from CrossFit tonight at Strong101. Was nervous about going, but everyone is so friendly and supportive. Thanks Strong101, the gym mindset is back. Would definitely recommend.

Lucy M

Joining Strong101 was totally out of my comfort zone and I’m so glad I pushed myself to do it. People are hesitant to give it a go because they’re nervous of getting an injury but the coaches here teach you the fundamentals of each movement until you’re ready to increase the weight. It’s not just a gym it’s a family and I love training here. You can see Gaz really cares and is always striving to make the box a better environment for us to train in. I can’t recommend it enough for anyone after a new fitness challenge. What do you have to lose?

Sarah H

I started on the last intro course and signed up for 2 sessions a week which just wasnt enough! I now have full membership and absolutely Love it! I really look forward to every session. No 2 sessions are the same and I’m always learning.
I was very nervous about Crossfit at first and sometimes I feel way out of my comfort zone but the coaches are great and really friendly and offer lots of encouragement. This really is a great little place with lots of great people!