about us


Strong101s fitness programs are exciting, empowering, rewarding, supportive and for everyone!

I wanted to make a place where it was okay to let sweat drip on the floor, okay to shout and encourage others, okay to play loud music and express yourself. At strong101 we have created this. We have a facility that is driven by passion, where our members are like our family and we share a special bond through the workouts we over come! No one looks you up and down when you walk in, no one judges another member, we support one another. A one for all and all for one training ethos, we do things together as its easier that way. At strong101 you can walk in a newbie and walk out a part of the team. This sounds all rosy but there are some things we will ask of you as members, leave your ego at the door, put in the hard work and most of all have fun.